About us

AIGET – The mission of the Italian Association of Wholesalers and Energy Traders is to:

  • Promote competition and  transparency within energy markets
  • Foster development and standardization of primary energy products, derivatives and the relevant markets
  • Promote meetings, studies and sharing of information among members, in order to reach technical, economic and financial objectives of common interest, to ensure activities on national and international scale.
  • Analyze the critical points that affect energy products trading and promoting initiatives aimed at their resolution. Within grid and market operators, and the institutions.
  • Represent members of national, EU, and international associations that are related to energy industry.
  • Promote energy trading, mainly with regards to electricity, natural gas and the related products and services
  • Promote and coordinate possible initiatives launched by the members, within the jurisdiction of common, administrative and EU law, aimed at protecting common interests.

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